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Ep 1:🎶✨ Sydney Guillaume ✨🎶

Praised by the Miami Herald for his “impressive maturity and striking melodic distinction,” Sydney Guillaume’s intricate and spirited compositions celebrate Haitian culture. Many of his works feature original poetry by his father and have been showcased at national and international events. Honored in 2017 for his contributions to Haitian music, Guillaume also composes film scores and conducts workshops across North America. Originally from Port-au-Prince, he now resides in Portland, Oregon, where he continues to inspire as a composer and conductor. Recent highlights include leading prestigious choirs and performing at renowned venues like Carnegie Hall. 

Ep 2:🎶✨Jean Rudy Perrault✨🎶

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Jean Rudy Perrault is a celebrated performer, conductor, and composer renowned for his work nationally and internationally. His compositions, commissioned by world-famous musicians and ensembles, include pieces like “Omaj a Rasin” for clarinet and djembe, and “Seremoni” for cello and world percussion. As a Professor of Music and Director of Orchestras at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he continues to inspire through education and his involvement in the Kako Foundation. A Fulbright Scholar and recipient of the 2022 UMD CAHSS award, Rudy's works highlight significant cultural and historical themes.

Ep 3:🎶✨Christopher Ducasse ✨🎶

Christopher, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is a distinguished musician and conductor celebrated for his exceptional talent in choral music. As the Artistic Director of Hypatia's Voice and a conductor at the Ottawa Children's Choir, Christopher's journey began at Holy Trinity Music School, mastering voice, violin, and piano. His illustrious career includes conducting roles with "Les Petits Chanteurs," completing advanced degrees in Choral Music Education and Conducting, and winning the prestigious WCDA Conducting Competition. He has composed for renowned ensembles and continues to inspire as a versatile musician, educator, and composer, captivating audiences worldwide.

Ep. 4:🎶✨Dickens Princivil ✨🎶

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on July 19, 1961, Dickens Princivil's life is deeply rooted in music, art, and culture. From mastering the cello, double bass, and electric bass guitar, to studying in the United States, Dickens's musical journey has been remarkable. As a musician, singer, professor, author, composer, arranger, and conductor, he has collaborated with renowned Haitian artists and dedicated over 40 years to the Sainte Trinité School's musical legacy. In 2016, he founded the philharmonic orchestra Melodick and celebrated his illustrious career with numerous concerts. Dickens's artistic vision extends to photography and architecture, making him a true cultural ambassador of Port-au-Prince.

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