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Ansanm Ansanm (All Together) by Sydney Guillaume - Assembled Choir of Serenade! 2017 Choral Festival

World Premiere - July 3, 2017 - The Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.

Joshua Habermann, conductor - - - 

The Assembled Choir of Serenade! 2017:

Anima (USA)

Balkanes (Bulgaria/France)

Le Cantanti di Chicago (USA)

Coro Polifonico (Panama)

Egschiglen (Mongolia/Germany)

Escolania de Montserrat (Catalonia, Spain)

Gandharva Choir (India)

Insingizi (Zimbabwe)

Latvian Voices (Latvia)

Les Voix Boréales (Canada)

Madras Youth Choir (India)

Miami Children's Chorus (USA)

Pihcintu (USA)

Guillaume, Sydney
Guillaume, Sydney
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