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Klasik Lakay | Home of Haitian Classical Music

About us

Klasik Lakay is the first Haitian music publishing company specializing in the promotion and distribution of Haitian classical music. Established with a passion for preserving and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Haiti, Klasik Lakay is dedicated to showcasing the talent and creativity of Haitian composers and musicians in the realm of classical music.


At the heart of Klasik Lakay's mission is the desire to elevate and popularize Haitian classical music both locally and internationally. The company collaborates closely with talented composers, virtuoso musicians, and orchestras from Haiti, providing them with a platform to showcase their unique compositions and performances to a global audience.


Klasik Lakay takes pride in meticulously curating an impressive catalog of Haitian classical music, encompassing a diverse range of genres, styles, and influences. Their collection includes symphonies, chamber music, choral works, solo instrumentals, and more. Each composition embodies the essence of Haiti's rich cultural traditions, blending elements of African, European, and Caribbean musical heritage into a captivating and distinct sound.


Through their unwavering commitment to Haitian classical music, Klasik Lakay aims to break down cultural barriers, broaden the appreciation of this unique genre, and contribute to the global recognition of Haitian musical talent. With their dedication, expertise, and passion, Klasik Lakay wants to be a driving force in the preservation and promotion of Haitian classical music, ensuring its legacy for generations to come.

Who WE Are

Christopher Ducasse

Christopher, hailing from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is a highly accomplished musician and conductor renowned for his dedication to choral music. He began his journey at the Holy Trinity Music School, mastering voice, violin, and piano. Joining the Philharmonic Orchestra of Holy Trinity in 2007, Christopher's passion for conducting blossomed, leading him to direct the main choir, "Les Petits Chanteurs," for four years. Pursuing growth, he participated in the BLUME HAITI Scholar program at Lawrence University in 2015 and earned his Bachelor's degree in Choral Music Education from Silver Lake College in 2017. His quest for excellence continued at McGill University, where he obtained a master's degree in Choral Conducting in 2023.

Christopher's versatility shines through collaborations with various choirs worldwide, from leading "Les Petits Chanteurs de Sainte Trinité" in Haiti to conducting the McGill Concert Choir. Presently, he serves as Artistic Director at Hypatia's Voice and holds positions with the Ottawa Children's Choir and Le Petit Choeur de Rosemère. His talent extends beyond conducting, evident in winning the WCDA Conducting Competition in 2018 and composing acclaimed works like "Agnus Dei" and "Sanctus - Benedictus." Christopher's diverse interests include photography, reflecting his unique perspective on the world.

His recent composition premiered with the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra, while his choral pieces were published by Cypress Choral Music. Christopher's unwavering dedication to musical excellence and his belief in the transformative power of choral music continue to inspire both audiences and fellow musicians alike.

Founder | Editor

Karine Margron

Karine Margron, a soprano and researcher born in Haiti, is the founder and driving force behind "Chansons d'Haiti," which is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Haitian song repertoire. Through "Chansons d'Haiti," in partnership with Haitian flutist and composer Julio Racine, as well as the Foundation Odette Roy Fombrun (FORF), Karine has facilitated access to this heritage within the academic musical community.

The initiative has resulted in the creation of 11 volumes of musical scores for voice and numerous orchestrations of folk songs. Additionally, in collaboration with Haitian percussionist Welele Doubout, a didactic CD titled "Drum, the Ancestral Soul" has been produced with the aim of fostering the preservation of Haitian rhythmic heritage. All materials produced by Chansons d'Haiti have been distributed free of charge to music schools in Haiti as per Karine's wish, ensuring access especially for those less fortunate.

In February 2023, in her capacity as coordinator, Karine played a pivotal role in the production of the historical and contemporary musical "Eritaj" by Yole Dérose. Later that year, responding to an invitation from the Haitian Embassy in Cuba and in collaboration with Artistic Director Helson Hernandez, she introduced Haitian classical music to Havana, Cuba for the first time in May. Subsequently, in November, continuing her collaboration with Artistic Director Helson, she produced a recital featuring Haitian melodies performed by Cuban singers and musicians.

Research & Coordination


Meet the Team

At Klasik Lakay, our mission is to promote and publish Haitian classical music—a tradition shaped by centuries of cultural diversity. We believe in the importance of making sheet music accessible because music is a vital element in individual and social development. By providing access to sheet music, we empower musicians, educators, and enthusiasts, fostering a deeper connection to Haiti's rich cultural legacy. Our goal extends beyond music; it's about contributing to cognitive development, emotional expression, and social cohesion. We envision a society where everyone can engage with and benefit from the beauty of Haitian classical music.



​We delve into the realms of Haitian folk, lore, and classical music to discover musical gems from composers past and present.

Editing & Transcription

Through thoughtful retranscription and editing, we aspire to preserve the authenticity of these compositions while ensuring they are understood by a wider audience.


We publish these musical works, to illuminate the vibrant cultural heritage and artistic expressions of Haiti, allowing the world to connect with the rich tapestry of its musical legacy.


We promote and share these Haitian musical works with the world in order to cultivate a broad appreciation of our culture while safeguarding it for generations to come.


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